Meg Ryan, John Mellencamp

Elder Ordonez/

Seen a good Meg Ryan movie lately? Yeah, didn't think so. But Meg's not entirely to blame, since Hollywood pretty much treats older women about as well as Meg treats her own face. Lips and assorted facial distortions from outer space (or Beverly Hills), anyone?

But messing with your puss does not a whole aging diva make. Meg obviously likes to act out with the dudes, too. On her latest list of not exactly great choices is...

Rocker legend John Mellencamp , who, according to People, is separated from his longtime wife and is now dating the former highest paid female movie star in the world.

This is all so Russell Crowe—again. Remember when Meg was married to hunky Dennis Quaid (they have a child together, Jack). She decided Dennis' still-rock-hard abs weren't exactly to her liking and that she preferred Crowe's beer gut and bedtime talents.

Crowe and Ryan were making Proof of Life together when Meg decided she wanted to ditch her own life with Quaid and start one up with the hard-drinking, temper-prone Aussie Oscar-winner. What a great father figure for her son! Teach the dude how to throw phones instead of baseballs, so cool!

Meg and Russ liked to share cigarettes while walking down the street together in New York. That's how the world found out they were an item. And now Meg's out on the cement again, also in New York, huddling with Mellencamp, who's limping with a cane.

Jeez, is Meg that rough on her men? Even though it's popularly rumored that Russ dumped Meg, it actually went the other way around.

What does it take to scare off a bullying, fisty bar fighter, I wonder?

Let's ask John in a couple of months, 'K?

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