The only people more pissed than the general public about Brad Womack getting a second shot at love on The Bachelor were the 30 women who discovered they were the ones expected to get him back on his feet after three years of therapy.

Well, Ashley, the "sweet Southern girl" who grabbed his butt upon meeting him, didn't seem to mind, or Melissa, the waitress from Florida who jumped right into his arms, squealing, "Catch me!"

Or Rebecca, the aesthetician who up and kissed him. (There's always one of those...)

Seriously, though. The 38-year-old bar owner has proved he can still lift weights and run shirtless on the beach, but...

Can he commit?!

Well, Brad's been telling reporters that he's in love now, so one of these ladies apparently touched a nerve.

First of all, he gets credit for not giving up on night one, when he was forced to sit down with Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas, the ladies he didn't want to marry on the 11th season finale of The Bachelor. Have you ever seen such fear in a man's eyes as when Chris Harrison told Brad that Jenni and Deanna were waiting in the wings?

And he continued to run the gauntlet after that was over, starting with a slap from the recently divorced Chantal, a pinkie swear that he wouldn't break Jackie's heart, Keltie's high kicks and 30 looks of wary recognition and/or wild-eyed entitlement.

Or hunger, as when Madison with the fangs showed up.

But the moment that had us cringing the most probably had to be the impromptu wrist wax he got from self-described "manscaper" Raichel, who, what do you know, did not get the first impression rose.

Oh well, at least Shawntel the embalmer hasn't gotten her hands on him yet.

So, what sort of season is this shaping up to be? Who has already made inroads into Brad's heart? Who is he keeping around for pure aesthetics? And is he serious about those fangs being sexy?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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