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Thanks so much for playing our little Ho, Ho, Ho game with us over break. Was fun!

While we were pretty sure who would win a lot of the rounds, we're super shocked at who received the second highest amount of votes.

So who was one of the ho-iest around in 2010?

It's no surprise that Jesse James was the biggest skank ho, grabbing 94.5 percent of the votes when asked who was the bigger post-breakup ho, he or Sandra Bullock. He also got the most votes out of everyone, as well.

Although David Arquette, who has freshly checked himself into rehab, beat Courteney Cox by the second largest percentile (a little over 83 percent said he was the bigger ho), it was actually sweet little Taylor Swift who received the second largest amount of total votes.

Hey, this thing turned out to be some kind of damn honor, didn't it?

Here are the rest of the winners (or losers) depending on how you look at it:

Taylor Swift: 80.9%

Paris Hilton: 80%

Charlie Sheen 77%

Tony Parker 74.2%

Kim Kardashian 66.7%

Miley Cyrus 64.4%

Reese Witherspoon 58%

Scarlett Johansson 57%

Zac Efron 53.7%

Any predictions for 2011? Will Jake Gyllenhaal next be in the running?

After all, it takes two to have an ice-cream-mance, right?

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