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Dear Ted:
Happy New Year, I just viewed an interview with Kristen Stewart who stated as expected both Breaking Dawn parts will be PG-13, no surprise there. However, I'd like to make a request...Can the DVD release have two versions? One PG-13 and a second version that's restricted for the adult Twi-fans? There's enough money in this saga to afford a few extra R-rated scenes isn't there? To make the Twi-moms happy?

Dear Don't You Know It:
Summit's not stupid. Expect more skin in the B.D. DVD releases—in fact, count on it ‘cause heaven knows there was plenty for director Bill Condon to pick from. And wasn't that just brilliant? Not bossing Robert Pattinson and Kristen around so they'd just let themselves go? He's smart enough to know that even though his stars don't like to smooch for the paps, they love it when their cameras are rolling.

Dear Ted:
Please stop with the Ho, Ho, Ho awards and all the polls! Just new gossip from now on, I'm begging! If you guys go on break it's really better to post nothing at all.
-- delan2lm

Dear Grinch:
Sweetheart, did those slut awards strike a chord too close to home, is that the problem? Merry Christmas to you, too.

Dear Ted:
So my question's regarding Michael C. Hall and Julia Stiles—yeah, seems like old news, I thought it was, too. At first I thought maybe it could be possible, but then your posts made me think it was just gossip; but then the Entertainment Lawyer revealed several blind items on his blog (as a present for the New Year) and one of them was about them. What do you think, is it still BS?

Dear Where There's Blinded Fire:
Yes. I think something's definitely up. Whether or not it's actually doin' the dirty, I will not say. But because they're saying so stringently nothing happened, makes it all a bit...questionable.

Dear Ted:
Have to ask, is Chris Brown Oded Good-Head? Saw this video of a guy claiming he's the reason Rihanna and Brown got into it and I don't know—the guy seems pretty legit. He claims the text Rihanna found was from him and that he and Chris "ain't gay" but they "f--k around." If you haven't seen the video, I saw it over on The Superficial. Not normally my first stop for entertainment news, but I didn't see it anywhere else. Here's the link.

Dear Awesome Guess:
You're very close, but it's not Brown. But if the Superficial's implying it, well, maybe it should have been. Love them!

Dear Ted:
For Sheila Yabos, is it Rachel Weisz? Am I close? Happy new year to you and the A.T. staff. Thanks for providing gossip fun. Hope this year brings you love and happiness.

Dear New Year's Sugar:
Same to you, sweetheart! But you must make it a resolution this year to get more stealth in your Vice guessing—you couldn't be further from the truth. Think less dark, more ambitious and definitely more slutsville.

Dear Ted:
I think I just rekindled my love for Ryan Gosling after seeing Blue Valentine. Both he and Michelle Williams were amazing. They have great talents, and he is funny, sexy, cool. Does he have any Vices?

Dear Got Taste:
That's like asking if Katy Perry's in for a rude marital awakening one day soon—Ryan is total Vice material—has been for years. One reason he's so hot, right? It's always the bad boys who tempt us so, damn.

Dear Ted:
Is there trouble in paradise for Robsten? We know they spent New Year's Eve at the Spyglass pub, but according to a fan who was there, there was no PDA involved at all, no kiss at midnight. It doesn't even look like they spend much time together. Please, Ted, check your sources and give us a honest update.
--Heather Raven

Dear Stop Being So Nikki:
Listen, Heather, check out what we said yesterday, Rob and Kristen were just being their usual chill selves; it's what they do best (well, one of the things they do best). But do you really want these two on-the-sly lovers to get sloppy for every Twitter-happy fan in the joint? Well, I know it's what you want, but let's get real. Plus, one picture out there looked like R and K locked lips at some point!

Dear Ted:
My rescue pup Zach and I have been wondering something, and he's really hoping you could clear it up for him. You see, Zach thinks that if you say a known Vicey actor is happily married then that actor could be eliminated as a possibility for any adulterous Vices. I, on the other hand, think that statements about an actor/actress and his/her Vice persona can be contradictory. Throw us a bone. Who's right here?
-- bvd1970

Dear Barking Mad:
Darling, you and Zach need to get out to the dog park more, you're taking this stuff way too seriously.

Dear Ted:
Seriously, Ted? Robstein need to keep it quiet? The rest of the crew throw their relationships in our faces? Where do you come up with this stuff? The rest of the crew have taste and don't hide it but don't encourage it. This love you have for Stew is over the top and just creepy! Please for 2011 stop kissing the Stew's ass and be more truthful with the truth lies and awful whatever. I use to be entrained by you but just cringe when I see you write anything about Robstein or PRstein. You are pretty neutral with most other stars what is up with you?

Dear Kosher Rant:
Fine for you to complain, I get it. But, get your shots straight when you do, babe. What's with this Robstein stuff? They're the hottest rebel couple around, not a Jewish law firm.

Dear Ted:
Instead of asking you a drama-filled question, I thought I'd keep it fun. Out of all the Cullen couples from Twilight, which pair would be the least likely to hang together in real life and why?

Dear Game Time:
You should have asked about least likely wolf couples. Now that would have been fun to play around with.

Dear Ted:
What is going on the Justin Timberlake? I'm hearing all kinds of weird stories, like he's stressed-out to the point of a Britney-like breakdown and he's living a double life. Lately there has been talk he's in the closet and is constantly worried about being outed. I've always thought he was über-straight. I absolutely refuse to believe Britney was bearding for him! I still to this day hope for a Justin-Brit reunion.

Dear Dream On:
That's gonna happen about as fast as J.T. comes out of the closet—were he gay. Look, he's an intense guy who's truly multitalented. He works at it, too, it's not entirely effortless. Timberlake actually cares about honing his acting, not just being a celebrity. As a result, people think he's got a disease, or something, just because he's not tipping his highlights and getting all toothy with that boring girlfriend of his on the press lines. I like him. And for the record, Cameron Diaz is who I'd like to see J.T. get back together with, not Britney. Someone please save this girl from A-Rod, fast!

Dear Ted:
Has William Fichtner ever been a Blind Vice? I sure do think he's talented and hot! Since you've done a B.V. about Robin Leach—a man whose 21st century experience has been a relaxing break from employment—I hope you won't tell me he's not "relevant" enough.

Dear Fichtner Up Her Butt:
Sweetheart, your emails used to be so clever. Now they just sound like you wrote them while killing time on the can.

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