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Just when you think Jersey Shore couldn't get any more cuss-filled and juvenile, along comes the new season of the hit reality show.

In the premiere episode (airing on Thursday on MTV), it's the new roommate—and Snooki look-alike—Deena who sets off one of the most bleeped-out episodes of the series we can remember.

Within a matter of hours of moving into the Seaside Heights rental, she appears to be, well, completely smashed. She not only talks vibrators with Snooki, but before you know it, she's pulling off her bikini bottom in front of The Situation.

And she doesn't stop there. Things take a nasty turn when Deena calls Sammi the...c-word!

Why? Because Sammi laughed at her as she drunkenly tried to climb into bed with The Situation. "I really just wanted to snuggle and this b---h laughs," Deena says in the episode.

As she stumbles out of the room and downstairs to the kitchen, Deena slurs, "Sammi's a c--t."

Uh-oh. That's when the Ron-Ron Juice hit the fan.

"Listen, b---h, you don't f--king know me," Ronni growls. "You're in my f--king house. You just walked through the door. You earn respect in this f--king house."

After Ronni chews Deena out, Sammi comes downstairs. "You're the new girl," Sammi says. "Shut up…You f--king c--t."

Before you know it, Snooki's in the mix with a barrage of colorful language hurled at Sammi, too. After Ronni calls Snooki a "loser from Poughkeepsie," JWoww lashes out at Ronni by calling him a "f--king f----t." MTV bleeped out the anti-gay slur but it's pretty clear that's what JWoww hisses.

And the Jersey Shore drama certainly didn't stop there. Before you know it, Sammi and JWoww are throwing punches at each other.

Yes, this is the first episode. We can only imagine what goes down on the remaining 12 .

Now we want to hear from you: Will you be tuning in to the new season of Jersey Shore or has the reality show jumped the cuss-filled shark? Sound off below…

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