Chris Brown, Raz-B

F Micelotta/TCA 2008/Getty Images; Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Contrary to what Raz-B might think, Chris Brown says he's still onboard with being "a better person."

"Yesterday was an unfortunate lack in judgment sparked by public Twitter attacks from Raz B, who was bent on getting attention," Brown told TMZ after cameras caught up with the A-one probationer, referring to yesterday's twit storm in which N-bombs were dropped by both and Brown unleashed a flurry of gay slurs. 

"Words cannot begin to express how sorry and frustrated I am over what transpired publicly on Twitter."

But it's a decent place to start...

"I have learned over the past few years to not condone or represent acts of violence against anyone," Brown continued. "Molestation and victims of such acts are not to be taken lightly; and for my comments I apologize—from the bottom of my heart."

Part of his verbal attack at Raz-B was a swipe at the B2K singer's past remarks about once being molested by another man.

"I love all of my fans, gay and straight. I have friends from all walks of life and I am committed, with God's help, to continue becoming a better person," Brown concluded.

In response to the "bent on getting attention" part of that mea culpa, however, Raz-B chimed back with his own explanation and apology for his part in the Twitterloo battle.

"I want to publicly apologize for my direct attacks done out of anger," he told TMZ. "This is now about taking the right approach, so not only my story can be heard, but so someone learns something valuable. 

"Standing up for yourself does not mean yelling or victimizing others and I sincerely apologize for that. I was told that 'you can't hear my message if I'm screaming.'"

And, Raz-B insists, he wasn't out for attention by publicly wondering how "n----s like @ebenet @ @ChrisBrown disrespect women as Intelligent as @HalleBerry11 @Rihanna."

He was just trying to stand up for what's right, he says.

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