Five Things to Know About Lindsay Lohan's Post-Rehab Plans

What to expect when the actress is let out of Betty Ford this week

By Ken Baker, Marianne Garvey Jan 03, 2011 2:50 PMTags
Lindsay LohanDavid Tonnessen/

Lindsay Lohan is ready to be back in the wild. As of today, she's legally free to leave Betty Ford (although the newest reports say she's planning on staying anywhere from an extra day to week) and return to the public for the first time since October

But where will she go? And with whom? Here's what we know about her post-rehab plans...

1. She Will Pow-Wow With Mom: Lindsay will meet up with mom Dina and her siblings and travel with them to a Dick Cheney-esque secret location, where Lindsay will attempt to live on the down-low for a while to get used to her newfound sobriety. She will ultimately have to decide between living in New York near her family or in L.A. One source tells E! News that Lindsay has a lot of work to do in Hollywood and has yet to make a long-term decision about where to live. She still has the lease on her West Hollywood condo but no word yet on if she'll keep it.

2. She Will Attempt a Major Image Overhaul: Everyone is on board to make sure Lindsay passes any and all drug tests: This is a must. Her family is going to make sure she is clean. Aside from that, she nees to appear remorseful and more grown-up. Our Lohan source tells us that that her new management's philosophy will follow a similar path to Britney Spears' when she made her comeback from the psych-ward era. "They're going to have her on lockdown with the media until she has something to talk about other than rehab," says the insider. Lindsay will be working her PR machine, though. Manager Larry Rudolph and money-managing guru Lou Taylor (both Spears advisors) plan to make Lohan's personal website "the main portal" for all things Lindsay. (And look! It's already gotten a makeover!)

3. She Still Has to Tidy Up Legal Issues: Lindsay is still on probation and has to check in with the judge for a progress hearing on Feb. 25. The time between her release and her court date is crucial, as Michael Lohan told us last month. Any slip-ups and she could be back behind bars.

4. She'll Have a Sober Coach: The repeat rehabber has reportedly looked into getting a former advisor to President Bill Clinton as her sober coach. Lindsay's dad is reportedly campaigning for clinical psychologist and author Iris Martin to get in touch with Lindsay and assist her in her new life. Martin was Clinton's personal analyst for over eight years on key global initiatives.

5. She'll Be Making Money (in Everything but Movies): Lohan will ramp up her involvement with her 6126 collection and expand the product line into handbags. She also plans a contemporary shoe collection for fall 2011. Team Lohan has lined up multiple business opportunities that include brand-marketing deals (her Dec. 15 paid tweet for a shopping website is a sneak peek of more to come) and endorsements. Even though her Inferno role fell though, Lohan still wants to get back to acting but doesn't have any gigs on the horizon. "She wants to find a great role and be taken seriously again," says a longtime pal.

Good luck with that.