Ashlan Gorse

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Southern women always know how to make you feel welcome, loved and admired, even when we're talkin' smack! Enter "bless her heart."

This spectacular saying can be used anytime you 1) feel bad for a person, 2) think they are crazy or 3) they are just plain dumb. Because, after all, it's never their fault. We belles always look for the silver lining.

So making my BHH list this year are...

Miley Cyrus Bless her heart, she was just trying to clean up.

Amber Portwood Oh, bless her heart, she doesn't know any better.

Lindsay Lohan (though she's been on this list for a while): Well, look at her parents, bless her heart.

Demi Lovato Bless her heart (no additional comment!)

Eva Longoria Marrying a professional athlete...bless her little heart.

LeAnn Rimes Bless her heart (accompanied by a disapproving head nod)

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