Guru Gets the Raspberry (Seltzer)

Mike Myers' backstage demands make Conan's staff scurry

By Jefferson Reid Jun 20, 2008 5:17 PMTags
Mike Myers, The Love GuruParamount Pictures

He's playing a supremely spiritual guy this weekend, but Love Guru star Mike Myers seems firmly planted in the material world. And not necessarily focused on the big picture.

New York Post gossips say that before an appearance Wednesday on Late Night With Conan O'Brien the star drove staffers bonkers when he sent several interns off on a hunt for Twizzlers, Silk nondairy creamer and raspberry seltzer.

Nothing earth shattering there—it's not like he wanted to bathe in Cristal à la Mariah Carey. But we hear that manic Mike sent the slaves scurrying again later, when they brought back the wrong brand of raspberry seltzer.

It could have been much worse, of course, had they brought back Red Vines instead of Twizzlers. The horror!