One thing's for certain: Natalie Portman is busy.

Not only is she now planning for a wedding and a new addition to her family, she's kept up a steady pace of appearing in buzz-worthy movies over the last year. And now check out the trailer for her latest, The Other Woman

Just don't go into this one expecting more of those Your Highness hijinks...

Portman continues her dramatic streak as a young woman who has an affair with a married lawyer—oh, and he also has a young son. You'd think that'd be complicated, but from how things progress in the trailer, it seems like there's little fallout from the affair.

Quickly, we see Portman's character and her partner get married (guess that was a speedy divorce for him) and also welcome a new child into their family. Then tragedy hits.

The Black Swan star shows off her dramatic chops as a new mother who has lost her baby and struggles to find an outlet for her grief. And interestingly, the most poignant moments are those between her and her young stepson. But one of the most awesome moments? That would be Lisa Kudrow unleashing verbal fury on Portman as the woman whose marriage was ultimately destroyed by the affair.

Check out the trailer and tell us what you think. The Other Woman hits theaters Feb. 4.

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