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Free at last! After a little more than 24 hours in the custody of Indiana's finest, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has been released on $5,000 bail.

The 20-year-old surrendered to the Madison County Sheriff's Department to answer to charges of felony domestic battery and neglect stemming from her caught-on-camera outbursts, and at a court hearing this afternoon, she pleaded not guilty on both counts.

Now, she's getting some help in fighting her battle from a very unusual source…

None other than her victimized baby daddy, Gary Shirley!

Earlier today, a sheriff's department spokesman confirmed to E! News that a protective order had already been put in place to protect the victim of Portwood's alleged offenses. The victim in this case refers specifically to Shirley, though the order also bars the troubled reality star from contact with her 2-year-old daughter, Leah.

It's that last part in particular that Shirley is taking issue with.

It seems that despite her penchant for resorting to violence in front of the toddler, Shirley thinks Portwood is just dandy as a mommy and wants for his ex to be able to see their child.

"The lady from [Child Protective Services] is going to go there and testify on Amber's behalf," Portwood's brother exclusively told E! News.

"Gary is really upset. He wants to testify on Amber's behalf, too. He doesn't want the no contact rule at all. He was trying to get a lawyer to fight it because the state of Indiana is trying to make Gary testify on their behalf."

The concerned sibling added that Gary had been working tirelessly to secure a lawyer for himself, but was quickly discouraged by the state from doing so.

"When he said he was going to get a lawyer, the state said if you do that, we'll fight you and if you lose, we'll take Leah away from you and give her to your mom. So he feels like he can't do anything. He wants Leah to see Amber."

And, from the sounds of it, he wouldn't mind a visit, either.

"Oddly enough, Amber and Gary want to work things out in some capacity," the bro said. "They've been getting along great, and now this happens."

If only there was some way to have prevented it. Like, you know, not beating up your partner in full view of your daughter on national television. The more you know.

—Reporting by Katie Rhames

[UPDATE Dec. 29, 2010: The Madison Sheriff's Department incorrectly stated that the protective order applied to both Leah and Gary Shirley. The county prosecutor has now confirmed that Portwood was only barred from contact with Shirley.]

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