Amanda Seyfried

Big Love: Movie star Amanda Seyfried, who played Sarah, the oldest daughter of Bill and Barb Henrickson, on HBO's polygamist drama Big Love for four seasons, will return for an appearance in the finale, according to TV Guide. Seyfried's Sarah will be accompanied by onscreen husband Scott, who is played by Aaron Paul. Paul won an Emmy last year his work as Jesse on AMC's critically acclaimed Breaking Bad.

Winston in Maine: Will Sarah's (Yvonne Strahovski) dad ever be back on Chuck?

We checked on this for you and Chuck boss Chris Fedak tells us exclusively, "We'd love to bring Gary Cole back to the show. Sarah's past and her relationship with her dad have led to some of our best episodes."

Sounds good to us! Gary, make it happen!

Now, a quick reminder: No spoiler chat today because of the holiday week, but you can still vote in the final four round of our TV Show of the Year tournament.

Happy New Year, TV fans!

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