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Think Burlesque is a joke of a Golden Globes contender? Ha! 

In honor of Oscar nominations ballots going out today, we thought you might want a good laugh (or cry) by taking a look at these wrong-headed award nominations: 

1. Ellen Burstyn for 14 Seconds of Screen Time in Mrs. Harris: Lucky for the Emmys, the classy actress had  a sense of humor about her senseless 2006 Emmy nod. "My ambition is to get nominated for seven seconds," she said at the time

2. Pierre Boulle for Not Writing The Bridge on the River Kwai: Yes, Boulle wrote the novel upon which the 1957 Academy Award winner was based, but, sorry, the author didn't author the screenplay adaptation (itself a winner). The script's real writers, the blacklisted Carl Foreman and Michael Wilson, didn't get their statuettes until 1985, after both had died.

3. The Partridge Family for Being the Partridge Family:  So, what was Milli Vanilli's Grammy crime again? That Rob and Fab didn't really sing on their hit records? That they were essentially playing pop stars—um, with apologies to David Cassidy, pretty much just like the sitcom-spawned Partridges who rated a 1970 Best New Artist nom?

4. Tatum O'Neal for Supporting Actress: O'Neal deserved every accolade she got at age 10 for Paper Moon. The only thing she—and her Oscar-night competition—didn't deserve was to be positioned in the supporting category: It was a lead role.

We pick on O'Neal (or, rather, the process), but we could easily make the same argument about Jennifer Connelly (A Beautiful Mind), Jessica Lange (Tootsie) and more. 

5. "It's Wrong for Me to Love You" for Original Song: The Globes got a bad rap in 1982 for bestowing an acting honor upon the great Pia Zadora. But the nomination that same year for the Zadora-penned Butterfly track was much worse. Yes, it's true, Mel Brooks' "The Inquisition" was robbed—robbed!  

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