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Have you recovered from round 5 of our Celeb of the Year tournament? It was pretty intense. You'll remember we opened things up to those celebs you'd like to see get a second chance against our final four.

Now, after reentering your top choices, Miley Cyrus, Lea Michele, Justin Bieber and Alexander Skarsgård, the dust has settled and the top four are here!

So how did the newcomers do against Katy Perry, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson?

Not that well, to be honest.

Robert Pattinson, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry

Dennis Van Tine/LFI/ZUMApress.com; AP Photo/Evan Agostini; Bryan Bedder/Getty Images; Donato Sardella/WireImage

Each member of the new foursome brought in a respectable number of votes, but they just couldn't take down the competition. Here's how it broke down:

Perry dominated with 8,132 votes (70 percent), sending Cyrus and her 3,465 votes (30 percent) packing. Michele came closer, but her 5,090 votes (42 percent) just couldn't bump Watson (7,023 votes, 58 percent) from the competition.

Same for Bieber. Despite a strong call for the teen star's reentry, his 4,088 votes (33 percent) were no match for Stewart's 8,500 (67 percent). And last but not least, Skarsgård, though a favorite in the wild card round, just couldn't bring down Pattinson: The True Blood star's 4,199 votes (34 percent) weren't enough against R.Pattz's 8,328 (66 percent).

And so we present your Final Four. Which celeb has what it takes to be crowned Celeb of the Year? Can Perry's musical success land her the top spot? Can Watson ride the Harry Potter wave to victory? Can either of them defeat the force that is Robsten?

Make your voice heard and vote now in round 6!

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