Anna Nicole Smith

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Anna Nicole rocked the Bahamian government, well, like a hurricane.

The reality star's messy dealings with the country's top dogs have come to light in the latest round of U.S. government cables exposed on WikiLeaks.

She's being accused of wreaking so much havoc, she may have caused the government to topple as a result...

"Not since Category 4 Hurricane Betsy made landfall in 1965 has one woman done as much damage in Nassau," reads one November 2006 document, apparently written by Deputy Chief of Mission D. Brent Hardt. The document was first printed by the U.K.'s  Guardian newspaper.

So how did she cause so much chaos?

First, the latest round of confidential cables describes how Smith was involved with the ouster of Minister of Immigration Shane Gibson.

According to the docs, the former Playboy Playmate had filed for legal residency in the Bahamas on Aug. 11, 2006. Even though the process usually takes years to complete, Smith's residency was swiftly granted a month later.

The application had been pushed through by Gibson himself, who was soon hit with allegations he had received some major gifts—including a $10,000 check and a $25,000 watch—from the star. Gibson resigned in February 2007 after the infamous pics of him embracing Smith in her bed were published.

Hardt wrote that not only did officials deny any wrongdoing, they even claimed they should not be criticized for "improved efficiencies in government for which it deserves praise."

The cables also detail how the controversy surrounding her son Daniel's death ended the careers of several local hospital and coroner's office officials. They were fired following accusations of covering up the death.

"Lying in disarray in her wake are Doctor's Hospital, the Coroner's Court, the Department of Immigration, local mega-lawyers Callenders and Co., formerly popular Minister of Immigration Shane Gibson, and possibly Prime Minister Christie's PLP government," Deputy Chief Hardt added.

Smith was even blamed for the ouster of the reigning political party. The Progressive Labor Party lost the May 2007 elections to the opposing Free National Movement after the FNM was able to use Smith's scandals "to seize the offensive in the run-up to elections."

Smith died in February 2007 at a Florida hotel. She  is buried in the Bahamas next to her son.

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