Guess Who, RTR

Marc Piasecki/

Remember that schoolyard rhyme: I see London, I see France, I see a certain celebrity's underpants?

OK, maybe you only used it on your friends, but we obsessed over entertainment types even in elementary school.

Anyway, this cheeky celeb decided to go pants-free in Paris for...well, who knows why. She (or he!) probably just wanted to butt into our favorite new feature.

So who's flashing the derriere décolletage?










Why, it's Lady Gaga! As if you didn't know.

Following on the teetering heels of her creepy Victorian vixen outfit, the pop star wandered the streets of Paris, France giving a bit of crack to the folks in back.

We'd call this shameless attention-seeking, but here we are shamelessly paying attention, so there you go.

We got your back, Lady Gaga.


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