Paula Deen

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Paula Deen isn't letting $100,000 worth of stolen jewelry sour her holiday season.

As y'all may have heard by now, Deen's former housekeeper Mary Alice White was sentenced to 18 months in prison after admitting to stealing jewelry from Deen and her husband Michael Groover.

However, it's buttery goodness as usual at Deen's Savannah-area home...

"She's not letting this bother her," a source tells me. "She'll be at home for Christmas doing all the cooking. All the family will be there. Her son Jamie and his wife Brooke are having their second baby and Michael's daughter is having a baby, too."

Deen told police earlier this year that more than $100,000 worth of men's and women's jewelry had gone missing. Deen was tipped off to the inside job when she began receiving phone calls from locals alerting her that some of her jewelry was being brought into pawn shops.

White was arrested twice last month after she allegedly pawned $18,000 earrings and $7,000 Rolex watch and a $2,500 bracelet, according to the Savannah Morning News.

"They haven't recovered everything," our source said. "She only worked for Paula for about eight months but Paula thought she had found someone who could take of her home, especially when she's out of town. But when you travel as much as Paula and Michael it also makes you very vulnerable. It's devastating.

"This has definitely hurt her ability to trust," the source continued. "Paula fell for this woman hook, line and sinker."

Deen also still plans to travel to Los Angeles next week. She's the Grand Marshal of the Rose Bowl Parade on New Year's Day. She's flying in two special guests for the festivities—her octogenarian Aunt Peggy and Uncle Bob.

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