Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift

Andrew D. Bernstein/NHLI via Getty Images

Sometimes ho-ing it up can be as sweet as ice-cream dates! Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner were a match made in Tigerbeat heaven, but the nominally compatible TaySquared just didn't have what it takes to last. That's not to say the "were they besties or BF/GF" duo didn't make tons of headlines—and inspire half the songs on T.Swift's latest album.

So which recently coupled-up ex is seeming like the bigger ho these days?

Taylor Lautner: The werewolf hunk has managed to keep his newest relaysh with Lily Collins out of the public eye, at least compared to his tour-de-paparazzi-force courtship with Taylor. So does that mean he's a bit more serious about his current gal? He did meet her parents, after all.

Taylor Swift: After her split with Lautner, Taylor may or may not have had a brief flirt-fest with icky bad boy John Mayer before recently settling down with Jake Gyllenhaal for a handful of tabloid-friendly coffee dates. Remember, this gal knows her way around triple shots.

Ho, Ho, Ho Awards: Round 2
Who was the bigger post-breakup ho?
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