Ho, Ho, Ho Awards: Sandra vs. Jesse

Who has been the bigger ho since their breakup?

By Team Truth Dec 25, 2010 3:11 PMTags
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Merry Christmas! So sorry that today's installment of the Ho Awards is a painful affair, in more ways than one. After winning her Oscar for Best Actress, Sandra Bullock was rewarded by finding out that husband Jesse James had been cheating on her. And not exactly with the classiest of affair-material, either.

Remember who that ink-stained babe was?

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Jesse James: Michelle "Bombshell" McGee was slut number one, selling her story to In Touch about her extramarital affair with Sandy's husband. Many more tattooed and skanky women came forward, blabbing all about their time sexing up the chubster manwhore. Since the split, Jesse has been pretty public about his romance with Kat Von D.

Sandra Bullock: Are you joking? There is nothing ho'ish about Bullock's behavior. She's handled everything with the utmost class. If you vote for her, then you're an idiot. Because the only crime she's committed was making All About Steve, as far as we're concerned.


Ho, Ho, Ho Awards: Round 3

Who was the bigger post-breakup ho?
Jesse James
Sandra Bullock