Big Love Cast

HBO/Isabella Vosmikova

Does one HBO star have some body issues?

Not that dieting in Hollywood is anything unusual, but a certain castmember of the hit HBO series Big Love has just revealed she's been on Weight Watchers since the ripe old age of...nine!

Who's the almost lifelong follower of the popilar diet program? Read on to find out...

"I have been a member of Weight Watchers for 23 years and I'm back on it right now.," Ginnifer Goodwin, 32, says in the new issue of Health magazine. Yes, Health magazine!

"It's the only thing on the planet that doesn't dehydrate you or just make you miserable," she continues. "I've never had a dramatic weight problem, it's just that I tend to indulge, and then I need to get back on track so I can button my pants."

No surprise, but Goodwin isn't about to reveal her weight anytime soon. "I actually have a number, and I know that some people say that's not the healthiest gauge," she says."But I have had a number for, honestly, 12 years that's my happy number where I feel good about myself and my energy's high. I call it my 'shooting weight,' because it's also the number that doesn't freak me out when I see myself on screen."

Now we want to hear from you: Weight Watchers for 23 years since the age of 9?! Sound off below.

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