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What are stars getting each other for gifts this year? Anything I can buy?
—Ima776, via the inbox

Stars generally have two errands during the holidays: big gifts for people they like—including themselves—and gifts for the Little People. The latter are usually gifts purchased in bulk and doled out to assistants, crew, nannies and so forth. But if you're hoping to buy your friends the same stuff that's being gifted by, um, say, Bethenny Frankel—and we so know that's all you want—here. Let me help ...

The Real Housewives star has partnered with CafePress this season, both as a spokeswoman and a buyer of cute customized goods. Apparently she's created a few things for her family that she plans to put under their tree, including, I am told, a photo canvas for her husband and a reusable water bottle for a friend.

Johnny Knoxville has, if my tipster is to be believed, bought a gadget that produces an artificial rainbow. He bought it for buddy Jeff Tremaine.

Pink has ordered some mini-super-hero capes, possibly for her nieces, from a company called Cutie Pa Tutus. Helen Hunt is buying bunches o' vegan chocolate. Stars including Jennifer Garner, Kirsten Dunst, Casey Affleck and Spike Jonze have bought a children's book for the kiddies on their list. It's called An Awesome Book of Thanks, and it's all kinds of cute.

And Justin Timberlake's mom is getting her son something she gets him every year. Care to guess what it is before I tell you?

It's wine! Lynn buys JT several memberships in the California Wine Club, for a total of about $4,400 annually. That includes one set that's entirely Cabernet. He must really like his Cabernet.

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