Michael C. Hall, Julia Stiles, Dexter


Dear Ted:
Julia Stiles
made a statement that she had nothing to do with the breakup of Michael C. Hall's marriage to Jennifer Carpenter. Do you call bulls--t?

Dear Killer Secrets:
Let's see how this whole thing pans out for a minute, shall we? Michael and Jennifer have actually been over since August. Just sayin', even if Julia and Dexter himself were doing the dirty, at this point it would kinda be allowed. However, back during filming would be a much different story.

Dear Ted:
What do you think of Katy Perry saying she and Russell Brand are the "next Brangelina"? Seems a little delusional, don't you think?

Dear Kussel:
It's a bit loopy, but K.P. loves to make outlandish statements—it's part of her cuckoo charm. Then again, the two couples do have a ton in common. And I wouldn't be surprised if Katy and her hubby got the Brangelina tabloid treatment in the years months to come.

Dear Ted:
Now that Chris Colfer is getting all the awards attention, how are the other Glee castmembers taking it? And has Chris been a B.V., or is he still too new to the Biz?

Dear Gleeming Goss:
While I'm sure there are one or two castmates left out from the award season blitz that are butt-hurt about it, remember Chris wasn't the only one honored this season. So the delish divas that might otherwise get all hissy about it are well appeased. As for Vicey goings on, Chris leaves that to his other castmembers.

Dear Ted:
I had to laugh when you said Alex Skarsgård and Kate Bosworth keep their relationship out of the media because they won't get photographed as a couple. They only won't get photographed as a couple when at an event where you normally do go as a couple—and gossip ensues. They get photographed plenty as a couple at trendy restaurants and on set. A.Skars has slipped out of sight lately, but just so no one forgets who Kate's boyfriend is, she's given two interviews where she talks about him and Sweden—just in time for her movie coming out.

Dear Annoyed:
Nobody's perfect, but come on, in comparison to showmances going on all around them A and K aren't bad. Cut them some slack!

Dear Ted:
I know you just said Selena Gomez might only like her guys out of the limelight, but after seeing her with Cory Monteith at the Style Awards, they have crazy chemistry! I know he's majorly older than she is, but he seems pretty innocent, just like her, so it could work!

Dear Costar Coupling:
I would totally approve of this, F. Both Selena and Cory are super sweet (and well-behaved), and I could see this working. The age difference might be a little much right now though. Didn't you know Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift are the only ones who can do it?

Dear Ted:
What the hell is wrong with Christina Aguilera? So she's gained weight, nothing else about her is off. And that so-so movie just got nominated for a Golden Globe, and so did she for her songwriting. I'm sick of everyone being so shady toward her all the time. Shut up, Ted.

Dear No. 1 Fan:
Uh, look closer. And I'm not talking about her physical appearance. Some behind-the-scenes rumblings about C's attitude on her European press tour have reached my computer screen, and it ain't pretty. Shove that in your gossip pie hole.

Dear Ted:
Now that awards season is on our doorstep, I can't help but notice that Leonardo DiCaprio has been snubbed again...this time, for his work in Inception. It's made me think back to his past work and that he has missed out many times before on receiving a golden statue. I can't help but to think that somewhere he has "done" something to ruffle someone's feathers, which is why his work never gets the full recognition it deserves. Am I reading too much into these things as a Leo lover, or is there something juicier behind it all?

Dear Leo Lover:
Big fans of Mr. DiCaprio's over here, but his absence was less about anything Leo did and more about what he didn't do. Like pick a heavy, sad, jaw-dropping flick. Loved Inception, but his performance doesn't even come close to any of the fab nominees in the drama category. It's all about Colin Firth baby!

Dear Ted:
I quite like Scarlett Johansson, but was still delusionally overjoyed to hear Ryan Reynolds is back on the market. Ryan, Gosling also makes my top 10 hunks I'd like to explore (but alas, doubtfully ever will). Now, can you please explain why the name Blake Lively keeps popping up along with the Ryans?! I do understand my chances are miniscule, but why her out of all people?

Dear Boo Blake:
What can I say, good looks get you far in this town. It's not exactly crazy to imagine Blake and Ryan batting some of their pretty eyelashes at each other on the set is it? And as for Gosling, he's as much of a player as she is. We like the way they are approaching the dating stuff.

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