Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds


Many of you keep asking us why we weren't exactly shocked at the news of Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds divorcing.

True, we doubt a lot of Hollywood marriages, but this one didn't unravel because the whole thing was a sham. And it didn't unravel because Ry got his flirt on with Blake Lively.

So what really happened?

It's simple, and what we've been telling you for over a year now:

They never saw each other.

"They were together probably three months their entire marriage," spills a source, who is not exactly over-exaggerating. "They just grew apart. It was never like ‘we want to split.' But they just both gave in to the reality that they were never together."

The couple, who tied the knot in 2008, have both enjoyed extremely successful careers in the past two years and it finally took a toll on their relationship.

"Work never even allowed them to get a chance to spend enough time together," adds the knowledgeable insider.

But that's not to say the gorgeous duo didn't try.

Apparently ScarJo and Reynolds would set aside one month a year and spend it together regardless.

"Last year they spent a month in Europe and didn't work the whole month."

Geez, one whole month does not a marriage make? You don't say!

"It hasn't been easy for either one of them," emphasizes the pal. "They still care deeply about each other. It didn't end on bad terms."

So what's next for the newly single babes?

Apparently Johansson is not giving up on love.

"She wants a family once she finds the right guy with enough confidence to deal with her celebrity."


Somehow we get the feeling the breakup might not have been all rainbows and butterflies as it would appear.

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