If you've watched ABC in the past two months, chances are your eyes have settled on Ryan Devlin. And since he is very easy on the eyes, we can't imagine you'd complain about that fact.

The good news is, you won't have to do without him since he's been hooking up with Calista Flockhart on Brothers & Sisters...and possibly even popping back up on Cougar Town!

Ryan Devlin:  I'm definitely having a good run on ABC right now! It's never a bad year when you get to call Busy Philipps, Mandy Moore  and Calista Flockhart your onscreen squeezes. Although I've got to say, juggling the different roles simultaneously has been a bit interesting. About a month ago I was filming Cougar Town in the morning then rushing to Grey's Anatomy for the afternoon. Going from cracking jokes to crying my eyes out was definitely a challenge. But it was a lot of fun, too! To work with such talented actors on such accomplished shows with such solid writing...it's been a dream. And as a bonus, there's definitely been no shortage of beautiful onscreen gals to kiss lately!

Do you know yet if you'll be back on either Grey's or Cougar Town?
I think we'll see more Smith on Cougar Town. Bill Lawrence, the creator and executive producer, called me after the "breakup" script came out and let me know that I'd be back. I was originally slated for only two episodes...and that has grown into two seasons' worth of episodes! I owe Bill my firstborn. Although he has so many kids already I'm not sure he'll want it. Too bad, Bill. It's yours.

Was it intimidating to join Brothers & Sisters, a show with such a seasoned acting group?
It's a dream cast to work with and they truly are a family. We shoot these epic family dinner scenes that'll take 15 hours. Seriously, 15 hours for one scene, and it's a little intimidating to jump into that fray. But they've all been incredibly welcoming and it didn't take long before we were all tossing food at each other. In fact, the first time I met Sally Field I was shooting a scene where I dump two giant sodas on her. I'm like, ‘Hi, I'm Ryan. You've won two Oscars. Now I'm going to bomb you with some Pepsi.' Yikes! Fortunately she took it like a champ. I really love working with this cast—they're super talented and also genuinely cool people.   

You'll be playing a grad student who connects with Kitty. Can you talk a little bit about your character and his relationship with Calista's character?
 Well, I don't want to spoil anything...but I will. My character, Seth, is pretty much the polar opposite of what Kitty should be attracted to. But fortunately that doesn't deter her from responding to my advancements. And what could just be a shallow fling, but it might evolve into something deeper. There's serious chemistry... but potential for even more.

Will your character be interacting with anyone else besides Kitty?
Hopefully I don't reveal too much in saying that I'm thrown into the Walker family fray at some point. This is probably the strongest storyline I've had the honor of playing, which is saying a lot because I've been given some really meaty roles. There's just something extra special about what I've got going with Calista, and hopefully the very loyal Brothers & Sisters viewers enjoy it!

What can viewers look forward to in future episodes?
Lots of kissing. My apologies in advance to my wife and Harrison Ford. Maybe they shouldn't watch. Lots and lots of kissing. 

What projects do you have coming up next?
Well, I've been blissfully swamped with acting work lately, which has been great. But in my free time I've been working on an environmental project that combines entertainment with education to help kids take on their carbon footprint. The idea is in the running for a Pepsi grant and it needs all the votes it can get! You can check it out at www.GreenToThe5thPower.com.

Check out Ryan and all that kissing when Brothers and Sisters returns Jan. 2.

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