Tom Cruise

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After getting to dangle off the world's tallest skyscraper, Tom Cruise has a lot to be grateful for this holiday season.

The Hollywood A-lister posted a message on his official website thanking the ruler and people of Dubai for their amazing hospitality, which included letting him film stunts in IMAX for his latest big screen adventure, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, atop the dizzying Burj Khalifa.

And after the thank yous, he reminded us that an action star doesn't stop being active when the cameras are off...

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"Dubai is an exceptionally beautiful and very family friendly location. My family and I spent our evenings at the water park, go-karting, indoor skiing, shopping, scuba diving, camel riding, desert dune bashing, and we still didn't fit in all that there is to enjoy!" he continued, no doubt warming the hearts of local Chamber of Commerce reps."The warmth, hospitality and generosity of spirit extended to all of us by His Highness and the people of Dubai will long be remembered and appreciated."

The gracious star also praised his hard-working crews in both Dubai and Prague wished them "continued good health and prosperity in the coming year."

The 48-year-old Cruise and company have now jetted off to Canada to continue production on the Brad Bird-directed sequel, which hits theaters next summer.

And when he's not flexing his action-movie muscles, the actor is working on his musical chops, as Cruise looks ready to sign on to the feature film version of the Broadway hit, Rock of Ages.

Rock on, Tom.

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