Hooray! Finally some long-awaited hope for you die-hard Will and Emma Glee fans!

I just hit the set and second-time Golden Globe nominee  (holler!) Matthew Morrison spilled that despite the return of his potential love interest Gwyneth Paltrow this spring, Will and Emma (Jayma Mays) "will get together."

You just, um…kinda sorta might not like the timing so much…

Check out my full interview with Matthew in the video above!

"By episode 90," Matthew says, "I think by season 14, Will and Emma will get together. 2022. I don't think my math is right."

I don't think your playing with our heartstrings is right!

Matthew also confesses he's "over the moon" that Gwyneth (Holly Holliday) is coming back—possibly this time for some Schuesterrific lovin'.

"I was actually with [Gwyneth on Monday] when she was being honored with her star on the Walk of Fame, and she is so excited to come back…I so hope there's some kind of love interest there. All the jealousy is on my end because Emma is married now."

Right. To the guy Matthew calls "J Sizzle," John Stamos. But for the record, M.M. hopes J.Siz sticks around on Glee. "He's awesome. It's really good to have a male counterpart to go head to head with. He's incredible. I have a really good time with him, he's such a bro. But he makes it hard for Will because he is such a great guy and someone who is actually making Emma a better person, so at the end of the day I am happy for her. But it hurts."

So maybe this time, when Gwyneth returns, Emma could be the one who's jealous? "That would be nice!" Matthew says. "I need some of that. Will Schuester's not getting any love."

Awww, pookie! Thankfully Matthew now has his set of Globe nods to keep him warm. "A pair of nominations and nothing to show for it," he jokes humbly. "Maybe when I'm 50 I'll get one of those trophies."

For that magical season 14 reunion? It does sound pretty award-worthy, so Glee writers here's a thought: Do it soon!

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