Miley Cyrus


Of course Miley Cyrus has figured out a way to make the salvia incident less about her and more about someone else. That someone else is Anna Oliver.

It was Anna's personal video of Miley that magically got leaked last week, and it's her voice that can be heard while she's filming the young Disney star, telling Cyrus she's going to "document the s--t out of this right now."

Well, mission accomplished!

So who is the girl that may or may not have sold out her good friend Miley Cyrus? Somehow more people are interested in who this chick is than the bong video itself anymore! So here are five things we think you should know:

1. There's a Demi Lovato connection: Conspiracy alert! Did Anna leak the tape to get the media heat off "bestie" Demi? The girls have been photographed before palling around together with Lovato's then BF Joe Jonas, but it seems the self-proclaimed Twitter BFF's did other activities too...Relax, it was legal (as far as we know). The girls used to go to church together! How innocent, eh? Somehow we have a feeling Lovato wasn't the only one repenting for secret behavior.

2. She was run off Twitter: "Dear Anna Oliver, I know you want to be a little fame whore, but you're not good at it. We hate your guts. Love, EVERYONE." And this was one of the kinder messages tweeted to @annacoliver. Oliver has since suspended her Twitter account along with her Facebook account. And we thought Twi-hards were scary!

3. Anna is in hiding: When Team Cyrus figured out who the leak came from (one look at the video and it was obvious), Miley's former friend quickly went off the radar after deleting both social media networks. According to acquaintances of Anna's, no one is too sure where she is, as A.O. is purposefully keeping her low profile. Uh, not a bad move.

4. Miley is pissed: While Oliver's identity wasn't revealed until yesterday, we're told by Cyrus sources Miley knew immediately who lit the media fire. "Miley knew exactly who did it," dishes a Cyrus insider. "She thought [Anna] was her friend." Oh and it goes without saying that Miles is f-u-r-i-o-u-s at Anna and feels very betrayed.

But did Oliver really leak it?

5. Sold or stolen? TMZ reported about Team Cyrus' failed cover-up when college students tried contacting Miley's rep to exchange the video, but there was only so much taming they could do. It got out. And Cyrus believes Anna sold her out, while Oliver is telling people it was copied or stolen from her video camera. Hey, one look at Anna's bank statement should clear things right up. Just be sure to check for any green gifts from Harvey Levin & Co.

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