Glee's Lea Michele Dishes on Finchel, Puckleberry, Brittana and a Huge Super Bowl Surprise!

EXCLUSIVE Video: "They're not keeping us apart!"

By Kristin Dos Santos Dec 14, 2010 11:30 PMTags

Oh what Glee this Globes day brings!

The show's five nominations are just what Lea Michele needed to bounce out of her funk over her recent TV breakup. "I'm devastated!" she tells me of Finn and Rachel.

I just hit the set to chat up Lea and fellow nominees Jane Lynch, Chris Colfer and Matthew Morrison (check back soon for scoop from the rest!), and here's what Lea wants you fans to know about what's ahead for Finchel, Puckleberry—did someone say duet?!—Britana and why you Finn and Rachel fans have to watch the Super Bowl episode…

Check out the video clip above for my full interview with Lea!

 "I'm so upset about it!" Lea told me of the Finchel split. "The tweets that I get about this are so intense. They're like, 'You have ruined the show for me! I am sitting here crying right now.'"

Many of you fans have asked if the show's producers are aware how intensely you feel about the Finchel split and Lea lays it out for you: "I show[ed] the tweets to Ryan Murphy and [I was] like, 'Look what you've done!' And he loved it! He was like 'Really?! Oh my God.' I'm so sad, I love working with Cory [Monteith]."

But step away from that ledge; there is hope for you Finchel fanatics. "They're not keeping us apart," Lea insists. "I still have some really awesome scenes with [Corey], both in the Super Bowl episode and in the Valentine's Day episode …Of course, now that [Rachel] knows what they have she's not going to let it go so easy. But some stuff goes down—oh boy, does some stuff go down. It goes down! So wait until you see that, it's the last scene in the Super Bowl episode."

And though some of us do love the naughty notion of fame-whore Rachel Berry with man-whore Puck, Lea has to laugh. "Puckleberry is bad news! I don't know if we'll ever have a serious relationship. But I love working with Mark [Salling] and we have a great duet in the Super Bowl episode. They throw that in, but I don't know if there's anything real there."

As for the fans clamoring for a Brittany and Santana relationship, Lea hints that she doesn't know of anything in the works at the moment, and admits: "I love Artie and Brittany. And oh my God, he sings a song to her in the Valentine's Day episode that is adorable so I'm really loving them right now. With Brittana, I think it's the same thing as Puckleberry: It's sort of bad news, when they're together they're up to no good."

Something tells me some of you fans might have a few teeny-tiny thoughts about what Lea said and might want to hit up our comments section. No? Oh OK, great, then stand by for Jane Lynch's take on Gwyneth, the Super Bowl episode and how she's feeling about the whole Ed O'Neill debacle now…

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