Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively

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Are celebrities just too cheap to buy each other presents this year? That's the only reason we can think of to explain why all these stars seem to be splitting ways this holiday season. First Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, then Michael C. Hall and wifey Jennifer Carpenter, and now…

Say it ain't so! People's Sexiest Man, Ryan Reynolds, and every men's magazine's hottest chick, Scarlett Johansson, have called it quits. Talk about a humbug H'wood trifecta. You'd think with all that sexiness their relaysh couldn't possibly have simmered.

Or was it a sexy-overload when Blake Lively got involved?

Not so fast.

You know just as well as we do that our Vice vault contains the secrets to many of T-town's top splits (of course we're looking at you, Zac, recently dunzo diva Eva Longoria-Parker and even Dexter himself).

But that's not the case this time.

Sure, there's plenty of denial from both camps on what exactly went wrong—saying the relaysh is ending amicably, with "love and kindness," blah blah blah—and we don't exactly buy it. But don't get all gossip girlie yet.

Trust, we heard rumblings that everything wasn't exactly up to wedding vow snuff with Ry and his oft-canoodling Green Lantern costar. Blake's a flirt—can you blame her? It's Ryan Reynolds—but her Vice lies in a different department. If that helps you rest easy at night.

Don't expect this to be the last of the Blyan (hey, it beats Rake) rumors though. The press tour for the lame superhero flick is set to kick off post-New Year's, and we're sure the rumor mill will go crazy with B and R spending so much time together.

And, classy as he is, Ry is sure to stay mum on the split, which, of course, will only fuel the tabloid fire.

Blake must be thrilled. Now she gets to play the tabloid tango with two of the hottest Ryan's in the biz. Ryan Reynolds vs. Ryan Gosling, anyone?

Lucky be-yotch!

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