Will Johnny Depp Be a Golden Globes No-Show?

Alice in Wonderland and The Tourist star has scored two noms, but that doesn't mean the A-list recluse will show

By Leslie Gornstein Dec 15, 2010 12:20 AMTags
Johnny DeppJun Sato/Getty Images

Why did The Tourist receive 3 Globe noms? Wasn't it bad? And didn't it tank?
—Queen of Shoes, via Twitter

The Hollywood Foreign Press would never admit it, but it sure would help ratings if Johnny Depp showed up on the Globes red carpet with that foxy nameless French girlfriend of his, right?

And that goes double for Brangelina. But with all the obvious courting that the HFPA is doing (Depp's nominated for two movies, The Tourist and Alice in Wonderland), will Johnny and Angie take the bait?

Let's start with the leading man.

Depp's rep didn't return requests for comment—surprised?—but based on his past record with the Globes, don't be shocked if he's a no-show.

Back in 2008, Depp blew off the Globes, despite his subsequent win for Sweeney Todd.

Yes, that was also the year of the infamous Writers Guild strike, which kept many A-listers away from the stripped-down ceremony. But Depp also was a no-show in 2006 and 2007, and he was a nominee both times, for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, respectively.

Depp changed his tune in 2009 and showed up, but he was a presenter that year.

Now let's look at Jolie.

Her people didn't think you were worthy of a return e-mail either. But Jolie certainly doesn't mind standing on the carpet, cooking in her own hotness. She skipped 2008 like everyone else. And she skipped the 2010 ceremony—maybe because Brad Pitt didn't get a nomination for Inglourious Basterds?

But she came in 2009 and 2007, so she isn't a total hater.

You may be wondering whether either Depp or Jolie has a movie shoot going on in January—something that may conflict with the Globes ceremony on Jan. 16.

The answer is, it doesn't matter. Directors routinely halt shooting on Globes weekend, or arrange for other scenes to be shot on those days, so that nominees can attend on the big day.

What do you think, will they show?

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