Victoria Justice, Selena Gomez

Christopher Polk/WireImage

With Demi Lovato on the road to recovery and Miley Cyrus hiding out after bong-gate, there's one Disney darling who seems to be doing it right.

Selena Gomez attended the Hollywood Style Awards yesterday. And while she dodged press (wonder if it was the Miley or Justin Bieber questions she didn't feel like answering?), S. hung super tight inside with fellow good-girl bud Victoria Justice.

So are these two really that innocent?


Well, no Hollywood gals are total angels, but trust, these two aren't even a blip on our naughty radar.

While no one wanted to address Miley's, um, smoke-comings, Victoria told us at the bash at The Hammer Museum "good friends" like Selena help keep her professional and out of trouble.

"And I have really great parents," Justice, mucho tiny in sparkly purple mini-dress, dished about how she stays so grounded. "My mom gives me the best advice in the entire world, so I owe it all to them honestly."

The fact Vic is a Nickelodeon babe also may keep her immune from the Disney curse, eh?

Still, just because getting into showbiz at an early age seems to be sending some celebs on the Lindsay Lohan route, V.J. doesn't think that should shy young gals away from their dreams.

"I don't think so," spoke Victoria thoughtfully on whether she would advise hopeful girls to steer clear of the entertainment industry at an early age. "If you're passionate about acting or singing, get as good as you can. You just need to be dedicated!"

Totally glad Selena has a good bud to hang with when "good friend" Justin Bieber isn't around, aren't you?

With Taylor Swift off in Jake Gyllenhaal land, Lovato getting treatment, and Miley who-knows-whatting, their young posse certainly seems to be dwindling. Right?

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