Biggest Loser Couples Cast

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Do you know what time it is? Why, it's time for NBC to profit off your guilt over a little inevitable holiday weight gain!

That's right, the latest batch of Biggest Loser wannabes has been unveiled, and with them two new show trainers. Jillian Michaels, you will be missed.

Your borderline bullying, militant workouts, on the other hand…yeah, OK, fine, they will be, too.

As for the contestants, 11 teams of two will compete for this season of The Biggest Loser: Couples, where they will once again vie for the chance to boast the most transformative body loss.

Doing their best to ruin the curve this time around is a former Olympic gold medalist, policemen who've seen one too many donuts (get ready for a season full of those jokes), a pastor who is looking to set a good example for his son, an opera singer, a (gulp) bounty hunter, a woman who has sadly suffered several pregnancy losses due to complications with her health, and Courtney Crozier, the season's heaviest contestant, a 507-pound student whose family owns a temptation-ridden Dairy Queen.

However, Courtney has already proven that she's up for the arduous task, having lost 112 pounds on her own. She signed up for the show in order to find further motivation in reaching her goal weight.

But it won't just be the contestants who are this season's new faces.

The departure of trainer Jillian Michaels, who is leaving the show in order to focus on her own transformative experience—motherhood—leaves a gap for a likeminded booty camp expert, and it certainly appears as though we'll be getting a glimpse of her replacement soon.

Michaels already tweeted last week that the new trainer would be introduced on the upcoming season, and now we have word that two new trainers will be appearing this season. After the first challenge, the competitors will be given the option of either training with Jillian and Bob Harper at the ranch, or opt to train with the two newbies, whose identities have not and will not (at least not to the decision-facing contestants) be revealed.

If they choose the newcomers, they will receive four weeks of immunity. Decisions, decisions.

The prize for this season's biggest of losers will once again be $250,000. Here are the teams that will be competing when the new season kicks off Jan. 4:

Rulon Gardner, 39, Olympic gold medal-winning wrestler, gym owner and motivational speaker; Justin Pope, 39, business owner, city worker and bounty hunter (friends)

Dan Evans, 54, police captain; Don Evans, 54, police lieutenant (brothers)

Olivia Ward, 35, opera singer and manager at plastic surgery office; Hannah Curlee, 32, human resources rep for a healthcare company (sisters)

Larialmy Allen, 26, student services program coordinator; Jaquin Allen, 27, patient services representative (married)

Ana Alvarado, 50, letter carrier for U.S. Postal Service; Irene Alvarado, 26, student (mother-daughter)

Ken Andrews, 49, pastor; Austin Andrews, 21, radio board operator (father-son)

Courtney Crozier, 22, student and restaurant manager; Marci Crozier, 49, general manager of a health club and restaurant owner (mother-daughter)

Jay Jacobs, 53, entrepreneur; Jennifer Jacobs, 28, entrepreneur/digital media owner (father-daughter)

Denise "Deni" Hill, 59, administrative assistant; Sarah Nitta, 27, college admissions counselor (mother-daughter)

Jesse Wornum, 61, insurance agent; Arthur Wornum, 34, stay-at-home dad and day care provider (father-son)

Moses Kinikini, 47, garage door installer; Kaylee Kinikini, 20, student (father-daughter)

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