If you've been drunk on eggnog all week and the computer screen's been a blur, dig in to a recap of what you missed as you emerge from the lactose-and-rum haze. 

1. Today: This week, Kathie Lee Gifford reminded us that many years ago on December 7,  the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor took place, a great American tragedy. She also reminded us of another tragedy from the same date. Click here. If you dare.

One down, four to go.

2. Barbara Walters: Though Barbara Walters Special may seem like a contradiction in terms, when Babs feted Oprah this week it was a magical moment no one could deny. Unless you're Oprah. And you're denying being a lesbian and professing your coupledom with Stedman.

3. Bama Belles: It's summer time, and the livin' is not so great. At least down south in Bama Belles country, where one of the genteel ladies is having a hard time entering the bladder pacemaker field. And you thought all they had were cotton fields.

4. The Millionaire Matchmaker: Sometimes being rich just isn't enough to make a woman want to hook up with you. Or date you. Or talk to you. Or sit anywhere near you. Meet a guy who hasn't quite mastered the kind of charm that worked so well for Ted Bundy. 

5. Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew: You've got to pity the poor, troubled celebs who appear on Celebrity Rehab. Not because of their addictions, but because their careers have reduced them to appearing on Celebrity Rehab. Rich socialite Jason Davis, on the other hand, has never been a real celeb. But that doesn't stop him from having celeb-level issues. With laundry.

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