All Good Things, Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling skinny dipping?

Sorta. Kinda.

In photos leaked on the Internet from his new movie, All Good Things, the actor gets pretty darn close to showing us his naughty bits…

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A wet and naked—except for a pair of tighty-whities—Gosling is shown swimming to and jumping onto a boat in the middle of a lake.

Based on the true story of convicted killer Robert Durst, Blake Lively's new best friend Gosling stars as a real estate heir whose wife (Kirsten Dunst) mysteriously disappears.

All Good Things and his new naughty R-rated flick Blue Valentine aren't exactly family fare. However, he'll next be seen in Crazy, Stupid, Love, a comedy with Steve Carrell.

Gosling's hoping to be a jack-of-all-acting.

He recently told New York magazine he's a fan of the Old Hollywood studio system. "It used to be mandatory to sing, dance, and act—to do comedy as well as drama," he said.

"You came out here and trained. Over time, [actors] got compartmentalized. If you tried to play a character that was south side of a character you were made famous for, you were kicked to the curb, or shamed into getting back in line. The idea is to go back to the way things used to be."

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