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We're used to you loyal readers bitchin' left and right about everything from us hating Robert Pattinson to kissing Jennifer Aniston's tanned and toned fanny. But when it comes to polls, Team Truth usually agrees with you.

Must 'fess though: In this roundup we were surprised to see that half the time we couldn't have disagreed more. So was did we disagree on Robsten's beachy smooch-a-thon or Chelsea Handler's expletive-filled Angelina Jolie rant?

On to the results:

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Who is Hollywood's Hottest New Couple? We asked you which new It couple made up of delish exes Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner would last: Jaylor (that's T.S. and Jake Gyllenhaal) or Tily (that's T.L. and Lily Collins).

You Said: More than half of you said that neither couple would last too long. While some of you commenters obviously bitched about the lack of Robsten in the poll (c'mon—they can't win everything), we were surprised to see that the celeb coupling that a lot of you readers want to see is Tay Squared back together!

We Said: Totally agree—well, with the poll results (no thanks to a Tay-Tay reunion). Jaylor may be totally coffee-date cutesy now, and Tily are playing their relaysh relatively low-key, but we don't expect either of these twosomes to go the distance. So why not have fun now!]

Was Rob and Kristen's Behind-the-Scenes Make Out Hot or Not? After we watched Robsten smooch again and again and again on take after take of their hot and heavy Breaking Dawn honeymoon, we wanted to know if you though it was a total turn-on...or off.

You Said: Duh, nearly half of you love watching the offscreen couple test their smoking-hot chemistry onscreen. And if you add in the third of you that said you'd watch Rob and Kris do anything, well, the numbers speak for themselves. Sorry, Nonstens!

We Said: Bet you weren't expecting this, but we disagree. To be completely honest we thought all those camera-ready PDAs were a bit awkward to watch. Maybe it's because there were so many people watching or because we love our Robsten super sneaky, but hey, at least we know it'll be hot on the big screen!

Is the C Word the New F Word? Our own sometimes-naughty Chelsea Handler caused quite the controversy when she called out Angelina Jolie for being a see you next Tuesday. We wondered if it was the same thing as use of the N word within the black community, or F word within the LGBT community.

You Said: More than two thirds of you said it doesn't matter who drops the bomb, the C word (and we assume the F and N words as well?) are never allowed. Weird though, because in the comments it alternated between people saying they were so offended and others saying they didn't give an ef.

We Said: Agreed! We aren't fans of any of the words no matter who's calling whom what. But what we also figured out during this whole hoopla is that there are no words to describe the Brad Pitt crowd. Ya know, hetero white men. Lame, huh?

Was Ed O'Neill's Kinda Apology to Jane Lynch Enough? Gleeks and Modern Family fans got all riled up this week when it Ed O'Neill apparently said Jane Lynch didn't deserve to win her Emmy. We later found out he was "misrepresented," but he did basically say it.

You Said: Let it go! Just as J.L. wants, you said that we're making a big deal out of nothing and that of course Ed wants his show to win. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so we might as well just let it go.

We Said: Disagree. Sure, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and we even think that Ed saying Sofia Vergara should have won is fine, but to attack a fellow actor's craft is totally lame in our book. And we still think Ed owes Jane a real apology

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