In the latest trailer for Beastly, a modern take on Beauty and the Beast, Kyle (Alex Pettyfer) seeming has it all. He's good-looking, charismatic and wealthy. Only thing is, that trifecta has also made him a serious douchebag.

Good thing Mary-Kate Olsen is there to humble him! Tired of his arrogant ways, she casts a spell on him that leaves him horribly disfigured and reveals he has a year to find someone to love him for who he is or he'll stay that way. Deadlines are always helpful.

His shot at redemption comes when mild-mannered Vanessa Hudgens gets close to him and starts to see who he really is. Could this be the love he's looking for? Well, he is building her a greenhouse. That's gotta count for something.

Check out the trailer and tell us what you think. Beastly hits theaters March 18.

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