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So, in case you haven't heard, the fine people at Warner Brothers have decided to honor/profane the memory of our beloved Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series with a reboot movie. We know what we think of that idea, and we know what Buffy's father Joss Whedon told us he thinks of that idea, but what about the show's original castmembers? One original Scooby just spoke out to us about it: 

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We just caught up with original series star Nicholas Brendon, who is currently showcasing his drama chops on Private Practice's critically acclaimed rape storyline as sexual predator Lee McHenry. In Xander Harris' typical fashion, his first reaction when asked about the reboot was to make a joke.

"I hope their vampires don't glitter," quipped Brendon, referencing, of course, the sparkling vampires of the wildly successful Twilight franchise. Then, appearing hesitant to speak out of turn but confident about his point of view, he continued, "You know, listen...I think it's a mistake, I think that it's trying to kind of—they have to reach a whole completely new fanbase. And we already have that fanbase. So it's going to really be hard to kind of do that. But you know, everyone: They remade The Flintstones. Twice, I think."

In short, just because they're making a reboot doesn't mean we have to take it seriously! Every semi-successful franchise in media history comes around for a "reboot" in due time, whether or not a remake is called for, necessary, or wise. Hmmm...any chance that if we don't freak about it, it will just go away?

The reboot, to be written by novice scribe Whit Anderson (you can find her on Twitter: @WhitAnd), is still in the development stage. 

Meanwhile, you can see Brendon on Private Practice again this spring (spoiler alert!); he also has a recurring role as Kevin, Garcia's (Kirsten Vangsness) boyfriend and fellow geek, on Criminal Minds.

So, do you think the "Nuffy" movie will be better or worse than a Flintstones-Twilight mashup? Hit the comments.

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