Nikita's Jaden vs. Alex: "Now It's a Vendetta"

Tiffany Hines tells us what to expect from the remaining episodes of the CW's spy show

By Jennifer Arrow Dec 10, 2010 6:08 PMTags
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The kids of Nikita's Division are not exactly what you'd call happy, but Jaden (Tiffany Hines) and Thom (Ashton Holmes) were totally working on a happily ever after, you know? Another TV romance bites the dust. Sigh.

Following last night's sad twist, we caught up with the gorgeous Hines to find out what the tragedy means for Jaden and how her feelings about Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) just escalated from suspicious to "I'm going to take you down":

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Regarding last night's death of poor Thom, Tiffany Hines tells us, "Thomas was the first person she ever met at Division. She loved him dearly, and after everything you find out that they did hook up, and it was important to her." For that matter, Hines isn't just mourning the character, she's also losing a real-life friend. She told us, "It makes me sad [that this happened], because I love Ashton Holmes. I love him as a person and then he's leaving."

At the same time, Hines says Thom's death gives Jaden "more purpose, more reason to really go after Alex, and now it's going to get interesting."

Do tell! Well, says Hines, "Alex has been on Jaden's radar forever, they haven't gotten along. It's been like this playful catfight, but now it's going to turn serious...I found the thumbprint, the thing she used to break into the office, so I have a feeling that she's a plant and she's working with Nikita (Maggie Q). I feel like she's a mole. I go to Thom and I confide in him, and the next thing I know he's dead, and he's [set up] as a mole. So now all bets are off. You'll see in the following episode, all bets are off. It's not about, 'I don't like this girl' anymore; now it's a vendetta. 'You killed the man I love, and I'm going to take you down.' "

We can't wait to see the ensuing battle between these superbabes, but is there any chance that Jaden and Alex would ever join forces to help Nikita take down Division? Says Hines, "Do you remember the girl on Prison Break with the pretty eyes, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe? I always remember when her character was like, 'All right, fine, we're going to do this, but only because I need you guys right now.' I believe that's the only way Jaden would do that, because at this point she wants to take revenge [on Alex]—and not just take her down, Jaden wants to kill her."

Are you guys loving season one of Nikita? Do you think Jaden will get her revenge or will she join the rebel alliance sooner rather than later? Hit the comments!

—Additional reporting by Megan Masters

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