Ronnie Chasen

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"Something doesn't add up."

—One of the many key folks working tirelessly to help solve the Ronni Chasen case when it was announced yesterday that the mysterious murder was nothing more than a "robbery gone wrong"

Uh, duh!

We're not even professional investigators—we consider crime fighting more of a hobby—and we can see that it doesn't add all. So what the ef is the Beverly Hills Police Department thinking?

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Who knows.

Just look at the timeline of the whole ordeal and how it makes a complete 180. First, they say none of the evidence points toward anything but premeditation. Then say it must be random.

Oh yeah and one minor detail, nothing from Ronni's purse was taken during the shooting! And it was sitting right there in the front seat.

After Harold Martin Smith—only a "person of interest" in the case—killed himself, we were told he probably wasn't involved in the crime anyways. Now he's the murderer...on a bike...who shot Ronni in the process of robbing her. Only he then forgot to take any of her possessions.

The gun didn't match. Then it did. The bullets were too lethal to be random. Then they weren't.

We're not saying crime makes sense, but this resolution doesn't make any sense.

Hate to sound like conspiracy theorists, but we agree: A lot of things don't add up, which is why we can't believe those who should care so much about having the crime solved are so willing to believe such an absurd conclusion.

Guess it's just one more lingering question to add to the bunch.

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