Here's hoping Mariah Carey has the ultimate veto power when it comes to the name of her unborn child (who are we kidding, of course she does!).

Because Nick Cannon revealed while sitting down with Rachael Ray this week that his own naming preferences fall more in line with the Pilot Inspektors of the world than the Bens.

So what does Nick want to name his forthcoming prodigy? (Don't say we didn't warn you…)

Cleophis. Cleophis Cannon. As if Mariah would stand for that.

Luckily, Nick was only joking about the moniker (or at least, we hope he was only joking).

"We always picked out a few [baby] names," he explained. "From the day we met, we picked out names...because ironically we had the same last initial—Carey and Cannon. So what name...just having fun...what names would go good?"

In the interview airing Friday, Cannon said that he and Mariah had in fact chosen a name for their baby, but aren't saying what until the stork arrives and they get the chance to meet their bundle of joy—and yes, he alternately refers to the baby situation in both plural and singular terms, so don't go expecting any clarification on those twin rumors from him.

"We picked them out, so we are sticking to it. So far, so far," he said. "I heard they tend to change. I heard you never let anyone know the name. People start to weigh in on it and I heard that, you know, once it actually happens, the name..."

"Sometimes a different name comes to you," Ray helpfully offered.

"Yeah, that looks like a Cleophis," Cannon joked. "You know, so uh..."

"Don't go with that one, baby," Ray said. "Don't go with that one."

"Cleophis Cannon, that's not working?" he responded.

Uh, Nick? If you have to ask, you already know the answer.

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