He wasn't exactly "Burnin' Up," but Joe Jonas (the pop star, not the pastry chef) left Spike Mendelsohn with a bit of a man crush.

"They're rock stars. They're full-fledged teenage heartthrobs," the usually cocky cheftestant gushed about the Jonas Brothers on tonight's Top Chef: All-Stars, when Joe showed up for the quickfire challenge.

Joe tasked the 17 remaining chefs with preparing "midnight snacks" for a Night at the Museum sleepover at NYC's Museum of Natural History. The guest judge then picked the snacks that would be served to the kids.

So, what tickled Joe's tastebuds?

"Hmmm, I've never had marshmallows with chips before," he mused after tasting Spike's carrot and potato chips with mascarpone dipping sauce, suggesting that the newfangled flavors weren't his favorite.

Or did he love them?!

Maybe Joe prefered Dale Levitski's attempt to get the kids "as jacked up on sugar" as he possibly could with SweeTart nuggets and "caveman boulders," featuring pretzels, malt balls and cinnamon graham crackers?

Or how about Mike Isabella's chocolate-coconut corn bar with horchata chaser? And how could he not drool over Tiffani Faison's Sno Ball/moon pie/Rice Krispies treat combo? ("If those three things had a threesome and a baby," is how she described it.)

Actually, Joe couldn't help but dig the SnoMoonKrispie, and he picked Tiffani—and Spike—to represent at the museum.

It was ultimately up to the kids to pick the quickfire winner, allowing Joe to remain the perfect judge in Spike's eyes, no matter what happened.

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