Five Things to Know About Tron's Garrett Hedlund

Did ya know the hunky Minnesota native also stars in upcoming movies with Gwyneth Paltrow and Kristen Stewart?

By Marc Malkin Dec 16, 2010 2:30 PMTags
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The high-tech production design and the costumes of Tron: Legacy may be out of this world (natch), but nothing can take our eyes off of Garrett Hedlund.

The 26-year-old Midwesterner stars in the sci-fi sequel as Sam Flynn, son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), the technology guru who mysteriously disappeared into another world in the first Tron movie.

So, what's this Hedlund dude have to do with Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kristen Stewart? Read on to find out because we're giving you the top five things ya have to know about him...

1. Hedlund was raised on a farm in a small Minnesota town. His fam moved to Scottsdale, Ariz., when he was 14, but as soon as he graduated high school, he took off for Los Angeles. He made his acting debut in 2004 playing Patroclus in Troy opposite…Brad Pitt! He went on to star in Friday Night Lights, Four Brothers and Georgia Rule with Lindsay Lohan.

2. Hedlund had a lot to prove before he was cast in the Tron sequel. "I looked at hundreds of guys," director Joseph Kosinski says. "It was a very exhaustive search. To find a guy in his mid-20s who you could believe to be the son of Jeff Bridges is a tricky combination of both personality and talent and physicality and looks…When you see them face each other, you really think they could be father and son."

3. Fingers are crossed for a third flick. "I think it's kind of up to the fans to see if we're going to explore the world any further," Hedlund tells us. "Obviously, I would like to see more." He's also hoping to see "kids running around next year on Halloween in Tron costumes."

4. Hedlund makes his singing debut playing a musician in Country Strong. His costsars include Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim McGraw and Leighton Meester. He not only trained for months with guitar and vocal lessons, but he even moved to Nashville to live on McGraw's ranch for a spell. Paltrow eventually convinced him to perform at a local bar. "Sitting at one table was Gwyneth, Chris Martin, Faith Hill, [Kings of Leon lead singer]Caleb Followill and Dierks Bentley," Hedlund said. "I sang 'Chances Are.' There were a lot of surreal moments like that."

5. Kristen Stewart costars with Hedlund in the movie adaptation On the Road. "She was signed on to the movie before the first Twilight ever hit theaters," Hedlund said. "She's so good and she's so devoted. She's such an incredibly hard worker."

Now, we want to hear from you: You diggin' Hedlund? Can't wait to see Tron, Country Strong or On the Road? Start commenting away!

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