So True? So False? Jude Law "Badly Injures" Robert Downey Jr. on Sherlock Sequel Set?!

We get to the bottom of a rumor that Downey was accidentally injured by costar while filming

By Peter Gicas Dec 08, 2010 7:15 PMTags
Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr

Here's a mystery or, more specifically, a rumor worth investigating. 

While shooting a horsedrawn buggy scene in London for the second Sherlock Holmes movie, the National Enquirer claims Robert Downey Jr. was "badly injured" after his costar Jude Law jerked up his whip handle, hit Downey in the eye and "knocked him flat."

The injury supposedly caused Downey to "howl" in pain as medics applied ice bags while Law kept "whining apologies."  According to the tabloid's source, the scene was reshot hours later after the "swelling had subsided."  

Well, after doing a little detective work, we found out that this is...

So false!

E! News was informed that the rumor of an on-set injury is simply "not true" after a call to Downey's rep.

Something the Enquirer obviously failed to do. But, why bother, when you've got such reliable sources, right?