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Patrick Ecclesine / The CW

Hello gentle readers and fellow travelers of the blogosphere, Kristoffer Polaha here. I am sitting in the posh and trendy Katsuya restaurant, the original, the first, the mothership that lives in the Valley, and I am not alone. I'm with the one, the only, my all-time favorite, Miss Brittany Robertson (Lux).

(Yep, I've been saving the best for last!)

Kristoffer Polaha: Hi Britt.
Britt Robertson Hello Pops.

K.P.: So, you just asked me what normal people do when I interview them. I wouldn't know because not one of us is normal in the least. Let me ask you a question, how was it being my daughter on TV? Was I a cool dad, or were you embarrassed of me? You know, like when normal girls go through that stage when they can't stand their parents—that ever happen with us?
B.R.: I wouldn't say that I was ever embarrassed of you or anything. Especially since you weren't actually my dad (although sometimes I wished you were). I remember a few times when both you and Shiri [Appleby] took the liberty of giving me some pretty great parental advice. No matter how harsh or difficult it was to hear. I know deep down you truly care like a father and that's what I'll take most out of the relationship we've built on and offscreen. Polaha, you are a great father and the coolest TV dad I could have asked for. That said, I was inspired to start taking guitar lessons because of you, so there is that!

K.P.: That's sweet. I've gotta say, from the minute we talked—you were munching away on bag of chips and sipping a Coke—I knew we had a cool rapport. There is something that happens between actors. It's not about a personal connection (if that happens awesome), it's not about desire—it's hard to explain, but there is something that happens between actors when they recognize each other. It's a special and fragile connection.

I remember seeing you on CBS's Swingtown and thinking you had "it"— that all elusive and fought for special quality that just happens to somebody. And I think you have it. I knew it from seeing you, and when I met you, my gut feelings were confirmed. I also thought you were very grounded, and knowing that you were playing the role of Lux legitimized a project that I was already very excited about. You know, when you see the pieces fall into place. Like the choices they had for the role of Math, had they cast one guy it would have become a very different show, but they cast Austin Basis and we went legit. Not really a question here, but...

B.R.:  Hah! Wow, nice rant my friend. Well done and very right you are. I think one of the many things that made our show work was the casting and how well we all played off each other. It's a rare thing to find a group of actors that work well together and all get along. Pretty great!

Life Unexpected, Britt Robertson

Patrick Ecclesine / The CW

K.P.: I have to cut to the chase here and go with the direct line of questioning approach. Britt, tell us your favorite onscreen moment this season. And I ask this because we didn't have a ton of shared stuff this season, so I feel like you were away a lot. I missed you. Fill me in on your storyline as I don't read the scripts or watch the shows.

(I kid, of course! I'm a total nerd and know everybody's storyline like it was my own.)

B.R.:  Yeah, you know what's up. No need to remind you or the viewers of storylines and episodes to come, rewatch the show! Get our ratings up! In any case, I'd have to say one of my favorite onscreen moments was the scene with you, Shiri, Kerr [Smith] and myself in the interrogation room (that's actually the first scene of tonight's episode). It was one of the only scenes with the four of us, late on a Friday night and all of us were completely delirious. We were back to our roots with good ol' Gary Fleder as our director, and there was some fun banter being thrown around offscreen. Aside from being able to work with all ya'll, it was great to mess around a little too.

K.P.: That was an awesome night, the last scene of the episode, and it felt like a moment. Shiri in her sasquatch jacket and Kerr calling her sasch-crotch, Gary telling you to look at the monkey, which ultimately got cut (a slow push on the monkey, Lux looks at it remembering the innocent times she never had...) and the harsh lighting, which actually looks amazing onscreen—way to go, Rick Bota!

K.P.: Okay, favorite offscreen shenanigans?
B.R.: Shaun Sipos, my wonderful onscreen lover, and I had some fun together. It was really hard for the two of us to take each other seriously sometimes, which made for the occasional fed-up director and really funny outtakes. There was one scene in particular in the classroom where they just needed a wide shot of me walking in to the classroom. We both assumed they didn't need the acting stuff because it was so wide so the two of us just figured we would start improvising until they yelled cut. Shaun and I started talking about how we both had STDs and how we had a secret off-set relationship and whatnot. On-camera! Just completely poking at one another. Well needless to say, they kept rolling and we kept going. Even made the blooper reel!

K.P.: You towed the line for the teen storylines on Life Unexpected. What was that like, as I was off doing grownup Baze stuff with Emma and Cate? Were you the pied piper of the young set? How did it roll with Ksenia?
B.R.: The teen world that I lived in for the last five months was pretty rad, I have to say. It's kind of a neat position to be the head of that world, so to speak. I tried to be queen bee a little bit, but slowly realized that the playground was built for more than one kid. Luckily I had a group of the most talented young people to work with. Ksenia, Austin, Shaun, and Landon all made me a better actor and I'd have to say I took so much from each of them. Again, great casting! Our sets were more fun...not that there's a competition.

Kris Polaha

Jack Rowand / The CW

K.P.: I don't know, the bar? The loft? Those sets were magic!
B.R.: I'm not talking the actual sets, silly. I'm talking the vibe of filming our scenes. We got to go on location instead of being stuck in the stages. Take that!
K.P.: Well hold on, now you are talking actual sets.
B.R.: OK , OK, you're right, but I was referring initially to our vibe then you tried to play the 'set' card and I figured I'd have a nice rebuttal to that. I tried.

K.P.:  Alright, before we go the now world famous Ten-In-One:

K.P.: Favorite color?
B.R.: Teal.
K.P.: Favorite band?
B.R.: Band is hard. Artist is easier, but I'll give you what you asked for...uh, it's a tie between The Beatles and The Black Keys. Old vs. new.
K.P.: New York or LA?
B.R.: LA.
K.P.: The South or West Coast?
B.R.: The South. Gotta stay true to my roots.
K.P.: Big Time Rush or NSYNC?
B.R.: HA! Big Time Rush, of course. My best friend in the whole world's band. They rock!
K.P.: Team Baze or Team Ryan?
B.R.: Team Baze...that's right. I finally admitted it.
K.P.: Bug or Sam?
B.R.: Neither, Lux needs to be single!
K.P.: Shaun Sipos on Melrose Place or Life Unexpected?
B.R.: Life Unexpected!
K.P.: I'm dark haired and Shiri is dark haired, what's the deal?
B.R.: Hey, my mom and dad both have dark hair and dark eyes in real life. It's possible.

K.P.: Britt, I'm gonna let you sign off. Thanks to all the folks at E! Online, you'll see us on Jan. 18! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Take it away, Brittany
B.R.: Well, Kris thank you for a wonderful meal (dad'o paid!) and some great conversation. Glad I finally got to be a part of one of your infamous blogs. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you for the last year. I feel like every time we had the opportunity to have a scene together, we really made the most of it. Our daddy-daughter chemistry has been apparent from the start, and our work together has been some of my favorite. I'll miss that the most.

To the fans, I appreciate all your hard work and loyalty to the show. I'm so thrilled that we had the opportunity to give you guys 26 episodes of The Little Show That Could. This experience is one that I'll never forget and it's due to all of you that stayed tuned in, kept watching, and fighting that got us this far, so for that I am so thankful. I hope everyone has safe travels through the holidays and a wonderful New Year. Be sure to tune in Jan. 18 for the last two episodes of season two. You won't be disappointed!

Kris and Britt

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