Charlize Theron

Tony Barson/Getty Images

If you want a date with the newly-single Charlize Theron, it's gonna cost you.

Just ask the winner who paid $20,000 to take her to a Lakers game! Theron's lucky plus-one ponied up during her Africa Outreach project charity auction, held last night at The Darby restaurant.

Originally, Charlize wasn't even a part of the prize, but...

She offered herself up for the cause!

First, it was just a pair of Lakers tickets up for grabs, until Charlize volunteered to accompany the winner as well, causing the gents present to get very generous.

No word on who the lucky (and deep-pocketed) dude is, but if he's paying 20 grand for a night out with a movie star, he might need a little advice.

So here are a few tips to make the date a success:

For dinner before the game, we suggest taking Charlize to Katsuya, which has an L.A. Live location, right next to the Staples Center.

The actress has frequented other outposts of the sushi hotspot, so we know she'll love the cuisine.

During the game, the two could have drinks while they cheer on the Lakers courtside at Hyde, the downtown version of the Hollywood lounge.

Leo DiCaprio and David Beckhamand Zac Efronhave all caught games there.

Then again, Charlize seems like a pretty down-to-earth girl. Maybe she'd be down for some post-game ice skating on the LA Kings' Holiday Ice at L.A. Live?

Either way, the über-pricey night out will be all for a good cause...and should make for a great story to impress his friends!

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