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Ho ho ho! Santa is delivering two bundles of holiday joy tonight on Syfy: Warehouse 13 and Eureka, both MIA for far too long, are airing special Christmas episodes.

We chatted with both shows' stars Eddie McClintock (W13's Pete) and Colin Ferguson (Sheriff Carter in Eureka) about the holiday specials.

But before delving into the good cheer, they responded to some concerns from you fans:

Neco in Atlanta: What is with the short seasons? Are they short on funds? Are they having problems with the actors? It's very rude to leave your audience hanging.

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"We're all disappointed," Colin responded when we shared your concerns. "We're disappointed too. We'd love to be on a show that aired year-round, or 22 episodes. So the fans' feelings are echoed [but we] don't have same resources as a major network."

"It's an expensive show to make," Eddie replied about Warehouse 13. "I wish we had more episodes too. The upside is I think it [makes the show] stronger—the writers can really concentrate and in the end it makes for a better viewing opportunity."

As for tonight's "Secret Santa" Warehouse standalone, Eddie added, "It will remind the fans why they wait so long on the show, till the summertime. I think the fans will recognize it is just a great holiday show—not too heavy."

Even better news for Myka fans (who left the Warehouse in the last season finale), "Joanne Kelly is in the whole episode," Eddie confirms, along with Judd Hirsch and Paul Blackthorne as a businessman hilariously persecuted by a sadistic Santa.

Chris Parnell (Dr. Spaceman to 30 Rock fans) guests in Eureka's "O' Little Town" and Matt Frewer returns as Taggart to terrorize Jack in a runaway flying sleigh. "It was fantastic," Colin told us about filming those scenes. "Matt's really funny and he's always going off script, so it was really funny to do it. At the same time, by about noon, we'd yelled so many times from so many different angles, we both had screaming headaches. And of course, three weeks ago, when I go into dubbing, I have to re-yell [all the scenes]. But it was really, really fun."

The fun never seems to stop for Eddie on Warehouse 13, especially when there are cookies around. We asked him whether he enjoyed the treats as much as his character, Pete. "I do like cookies a lot, to the detriment of my waistline." But he did not appreciate one's fan "compliment" who said "It's nice to see an average guy and not some guy who looks like he works out 24/7 at the gym" about Eddie taking off his shirt on W13.

"I was like, wait a second, pal," Eddie told us indignantly. "First of all, I do work out 24/7 at the gym. [Second], wow—um, thank you? [My trainer tells me] those lovehandles are not sexy. Being sexy is not easy. I'm working out really hard. Next year I'm going to kick ass."

Meanwhile, you might be able to catch a glimpse of Eddie's unchiseled abs on tonight's Warehouse 13 holiday episode at 10 p.m., right after Eureka at 9 p.m.

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