Darryl McCauley, Dane Cook

AP Photo/Lisa Poole, pool, Jesse Grant/Getty Images

This is no joke!

After getting sentenced to prison for embezzling money, Dane Cooks half-brother and sister-in-law were ordered by the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office to pay Cook $12 million in restitution, the Boston Globe reports.

And right around the holidays!

So where will the money come from?

Well, Attorney General Martha Coakley said that they'll go after the couple's assets first.

The duo bought a home in York Beach, Maine, and also reportedly invested in a restaurant and hotel there.

In October, Darryl and Erika McCauley pleaded guilty to stealing money from the comedian's accounts while Darryl was working as Cook's manager.

Darryl was sentenced to five to six years in prison, while his wife was sentenced to two and half to three years.

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