Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Swift

Bill Davila/startraksphoto.com; Greg DeGuire/Picture Group via AP Images

OK, so we might have been a bit tough on Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift. It's not 'cause we don't like the two—you know we heart our Jakey-poo, and T.Swift is a doll—we're just so not into all that cutsie crap.

We'd much rather see the twosome snogging while slipping out a club at 2 a.m. Can you imagine?

And while more than half of you voted that Jaylor (or do you like Gyllenswift?) won't last, we decided to turn it over to a higher power to see if this relaysh couple was the real deal:

And according to their horoscopes, they're the perfect match. Well, almost.

We're usually not into all that astrological mumbo jumbo either, but we figured since both parts of the celeb power couple have bdays coming up (T.S.'s on December 13 and J.G.'s six days later) we'd give the ancient charts a peak.

And all signs (as well as the oh-so-scientific online love calculator, where the duo are predicted to have an 83 percent chance of making it) point to the two Sagittarius's staying sweet for quite some time.

Better start getting used to all those coffee dates then, huh?

Here's what we were able to dig up on the old Sag-Sag pairing: the dude and his lady are drawn to each other because they see the best of themselves in each other's eyes (which means they're so not looking at each other's Vicey pasts).

"The Sagittarius woman and the Sagittarius man can make a very long-term duet," one reading boasts of the babelicious pairing. Must be a relief to Jake that Taylor won't be singing solo...ya know, about him.

"Fire + Fire = Explosion," the star guide says of when the duo meet. And we can only hope so...

We're sure the most explosive thing in this relationship is not an overly heated latte.

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