Britney Spears, Jason Trawick

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"He has completely changed since he first started working with her. And I don't think it's for the better."

—A member of Camp Spears when asked about Brit's latest BF—ya know, the one adamantly denying rumors of domestic abuse. And whether, like Britney & Co., you think the claims are "laughable" or are sticking with Star's supposed scoop it begs the question:

Is Jason Trawick good for Britney Spears, or is this relaysh just another train wreck waiting to happen?

If those closest to Brit have anything to say it's: "Get your country bumpkin booty out of there, girl!"

Our source—who's know Brit for years, including when J.T. (the latter, not Justin Timberlake) came along—says that Jason's changes in recent years run much deeper than swapping his fancy business suits and agent job for the music biz and permanent casual Fridays.

(Though, on the plus side, he did trade his flab for a fab six pack—that's an upgrade in itself from heavyweight Kevin Federline.)

Problem is, we're hearing that Jas is quite the enabler when it comes to Brit's BV ways. And trust, even though she's not quite as cuckoo crazy anymore, nobody can Vice like Britster can—which is part of the reason she so does not mind Jason being around, duh.

And while Brit will tell us to pucker up and kiss her Starbucks-loving, paparazzi-flashing butt, we say keep an eye on this guy.

We just want B. to be happy. Is that a crime?

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