Never let it be said that Conan O'Brien is not a man of his word. Or unable to perform the lead in Robin Hood.

The TBS funnyman made good on a promise he made to Tim Gunn this week, in which he vowed—after recovering from his shock over the fact that jeggings are not the exclusive domain of ladies—to wear meggings for an entire show.

Oh, yeah. And ladies? His eyes are up here.

First, some much-needed explanation: Wednesday night, Gunn chatted with Conan and the conversation turned to the apparent universality of jeggings.

"Men don't wear jeggings," Conan protested, before offering up a promise. "What if I wore, for a whole show, what if I wore jeggings one night? Seriously?"

Cut to last night, when, about midway through the monologue Conan replayed the bite from his Gunn interview. And then let loose with the following:

"I have a motto on this show. If I say I'm gonna do something, I do it!"

With that, he removed his tear-away pants and, after a full minute of hooting, hollering, stretching, string dancing and bending over (avert your eyes), eventually giving up on the remainder of his monologue to allow the audience to bask in the glory of his fine form.

"I fought my way back onto television for this," he informed the audience. "This is not why hi-def was invented."

While Conan remained safely covered by his desk for most of the remainder of the night, his pins (and other parts) may have been out of sight, but they certainly weren't out of mind.

Never one to shy away from a topic, Khloé Kardashian Odom, who dropped by along with sisters Kim and Kourtney, helpfully pointed out—many times—that the attire simply accentuated O'Brien's lack of a Kim-like booty. Or any booty at all.

"You've got an amazing camel toe," she said. "That mangina is on point. Your ass is a little slacking."

"I will say this, they are incredibly comfortable," Conan replied. "They're horrifying to look at, but they feel…I feel like I'm being molested."

(Incidentally, they seem to have only gotten more comfortable with time. After the show, Conan tweeted, "I'm never taking them off. You can pry them from my cold, Irish legs. #jeggings".)

Meanwhile, guest Kevin Nealon also got in on the fashion critiquing.

"I'm surprised at you, to stoop to that level," he told Conan. "You don't see Andy [Richter] doing that, do you?"

"Yes, I do," Conan said.

"I've done way worse than that," Richter added. Yeah, he has. And that's why we love these guys.

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